While it has been an action-packed summer full of rich lessons in its own right, our thoughts are reluctantly starting to turn back to school (who are we kidding? It’s about darn time.) While everyone gets back into the routine of stricter bedtimes, doing homework, and managing to get out the door without forgetting their lunches, things can get a little hectic. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of back-to-school educational and kids’ apps to help stay organized while transitioning back into the school year.

Whether it’s helping with science terms, class organization, or just helping get to bed on time, these kids’ apps are a must-have for the family on the go.

Our top 6 apps

Ocean Forests

This education app for iPhone users helped teach your kids STEM vocabulary while they explore the vast array of ocean life under the sea. With 3-D graphics and realistic ocean environments, this app has an ocean of games, stories, and learning opportunities for kindergartners through third grade.


Bedtime/ AMdroid

 iPhone users will be pleased to find the Bedtime app already installed on their phone. Help stay on schedule by setting a gentle reminder that it’s time to hit the hay. Android need not be alarmed – they’ve got an app of their own in AMdroid, a fully customizable alarm app that can be set to require a user to do an increasingly complicated series of brain teasers before shutting the alarm. A good way to make sure the kids don’t just hit the snooze button over and over!



An education app for both iPhone and Android users, WolframAlpha can answer pretty much anything! With hard data from a variety of sources and a clear explanation of how it arrived at the answer, WolframAlpha can provide facts and teach about research.



Gone are the days of the simple 3 x 5 flash card, and in are the smart, dynamic flash cards of the future. Quizlet, an interactive iPhone kids app allows users to create, share, and borrow flashcards from other students, and multiple game modes make learning fun! Race against the clock or put your memory to the test with customizable audio and video. And the coolest part? Quizlet will accurately pronounce material in 18 languages!


Student Tracker

Broadening your child’s independence but not yet ready to leave them completely on their own? For both Android and iPhone app users, this safety app will help keep tabs on your child on their way to and from school. Simply register your child’s cell phone number – it’s not required that it be a smart phone – and this app will locate them on a map.  A panic button feature will call for help if they unexpectedly stray from their regular route.



This truly amazing app gives access to thousands of e-books and audiobooks made available by local libraries. You can keep track of your reading list, download books for listening or viewing offline, and maintain multiple library accounts and even multiple cards within the same library simultaneously. All your “books” on loan are stored in one easy location, and new books can be “taken out” in just a few simple clicks. Reading has never been so easy.


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