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The iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 looks much like its predecessors in the successful iPhone series. However, you should never let looks deceive you, as the iPhone 7 demonstrates a big leap in durability and quality. Along with the iPhone 7 Plus, this is the first phone by Apple to feature a water-tight case that blocks water, dirt and dust. This helps keep your phone’s components in good condition for longer. Regardless of the better build, there are still times when users face problems with their phones. The most common problem is the iPhone 7 screen repair. A broken screen leaves you no choice: you will need to find iPhone 7 screen replacement near you.

Broken iPhone screen

The durability of the iPhone 7 is a direct result of its resistance to water and dust. This is achieved through a screen adhesive, making the iPhone 7 screen repair procedure harder than simply removing some screws and busting the case open. The iPhone 7 screen replacement procedure can be complicated. There are special tools involved, and sometimes heat needs to be applied to get through the adhesive and replace a broken screen. We strongly recommend seeking professional help rather than attempting to go at it by yourself. For a low cost iPhone 7 screen replacement near you

Repairing other iPhone 7 issues

Other than a cracked screen that will inevitably lead to a full-on iPhone 7 screen replacement, other things can go wrong with your phone. The most common iPhone 7 issue after a broken screen is short battery life. iPhone 7 batteries are quite simple to replace, usually at a relatively low cost. Other common iPhone 7 issues include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antenna repair, Front/Rear Camera repair and Earpiece speaker repair. Fortunately these types of repairs are simpler than an iPhone 7 screen repair. All they require is a remove-and-replace procedure that is usually completed within the hour.

iPhone 7 screen troubleshooting

Other common issues that won’t necessarily force you to replace your screen are an unresponsive screen (AKA ‘touch disease’) and the ‘red screen syndrome’. The red screen issue is unique to the iPhone 7 - sometimes the screen goes completely red or flashes red. In both cases, try these simple steps to fix your broken screen before you run out to find iPhone 7 screen replacement near you.

  1. Try restarting your phone by simultaneously holding down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for 10 seconds, or until you see the Apple logo.
    Learn more on iPhone 7 troubleshooting from our blog: https://blog.puls.com/iphone-7-troubleshooting/
  2. If the problems persist, try updating your software.
  3. If your LCD touchscreen is completely unresponsive, try removing the screen protector as these could cause problems as time goes by.
  4. Finally - try to restore your iPhone 7 to factory settings. This will, of course, erase all content and settings that weren’t backed up.
  5. When all else fails, you need to seek professional iPhone 7 screen repair services.

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