Membership Info FAQ's

Puls customers who have purchased a membership are eligible for discounts on certain services. Additionally, if you have purchased a protection or warranty plan membership, you will be eligible for coverage on certain home systems and appliances, such as HVAC systems, Laundry appliances and more! Depending on the plan chosen, customers can pay either monthly or annually for their plan. Please refer to the specific plan terms and conditions for full details, which you can view Terms & Conditions.

The membership cost varies depending on which type of membership you would like to purchase, and whether you would like to pay monthly or annually. Prices for memberships range from $7.90 to $59.99 a month. For specific pricing and benefits, please visit

There are two types of Puls memberships available, Click & Fix and Protection Plans. Click & Fix memberships operate on a monthly basis, while Protection Plans (Appliance Protection/Systems Protection/Whole Home Warranty) are an annual contract.

For annual contracts, once your membership has reached one year in duration, we will automatically renew the membership for the following year. You will be sent a renewal reminder a month before the end of your first year.

For monthly contracts, your membership will continuously renew each month. You will be sent a reminder via email. There is no annual commitment.

Memberships can be managed by accessing your Puls customer portal at calling our customer service team at (800)-958-6350 or emailing us at

There are many different benefits to a Puls Membership. All Puls memberships include steep discounts on all Puls Home Services. Warranty and protection plan customers are eligible for additional benefits as well, such as same or next day service, coverage against breakdowns and repairs for different systems & appliances, and a seamless claims process by phone, online or via the Puls App.

Additionally, we are constantly expanding the benefits to our members, and have recently released new perks such as a free Home Health Check-up to ensure your home is in top-top shape and coupons for additional discounts on specific Puls services.

There are several ways that you can choose to cancel your Puls membership. You can manage your entire Puls experience by logging into your account at or by clicking here, including filing a warranty claim, booking and managing appointments, redeeming your plan specific benefits, and canceling your membership. Additionally, you can cancel your membership by calling our customer service team at (800)-958-6350 or emailing us at

Yes. As part of the cancellation process for a Puls membership, if there were any discounts received at the time of membership purchase, such as the waived security & fee or a discount off of parts and labor, these will be required to be paid back to Puls upon cancellation of your membership. Services received in addition to discounts will also need to be repaid. The total of monthly payments you've made on your membership at the time of cancellation will be applied against this amount due.(or these amounts)

If you cancel within 30 days you will receive your membership payment back less the full amount of service discounts and waived fees received.

If you cancel an annual plan after 30 days, you will need to repay a pro-rata portion of the service discounts and fee waivers received based on the percentage of monthly payments paid, plus pay a cancellation fee of up to $25 or 10% of the remaining plan installments, whichever is less.

If canceling a monthly protection or warranty plan, you will receive the benefits of the membership through the end of the month of your last successful payment before cancellation. We will not charge your card again and there will be no refund given.If canceling an annual protection or warranty plan, upon cancellation your membership benefits will expire.