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The iPhone X - a new era has dawned

The iPhone X first came out in November 2017, riding a wave of well deserved hype for several months. The freshly designed 10th anniversary iPhone represented Apple's boldest leap towards their stated mission of creating an iPhone that is all display. The iPhone X screen is the device's definitive design highlight: an end-to-end screen paired with an all-glass back that creates a glass-and-steel premium feel. It was bye-bye bezel and adios home button, but does more screen necessarily mean more iPhone X screen repair? At first, many bloggers and tech analysts thought so, and recommended using screen protectors to prevent an iPhone X broken screen. The good news for iPhone X owners, however, is that it's a well built, sturdy phone. This means that you can stop worrying about an iPhone X screen replacement near you, and go on enjoying your phone.

All-screen doesn't necessarily mean all screen repair

The iPhone X screen is a 5.8-inch OLED Super Retina HD display that doesn't crack easily. It is made of the most durable glass ever used by Apple. On top of that, the X is highly resistant to water and dust, and is praised for its elegant yet sturdy build. Having said that, it's still glass, and glass does tend to shatter. On top of that, the slick design and slim body makes this phone extra smooth to the touch. This means it's more likely to slip out of your hands, resulting in a broken iPhone X screen. Just like the iPhone 8 that was released around the same time, the iPhone X is glass all around. Both front and back are made of glass to allow for the groundbreaking wireless charging feature. The downside is clear: more glass surface means a higher risk of suffering an iPhone X cracked screen or shattered glass on the back of the phone. The number one cause of an iPhone X broken screen is after the phone suffered a fall - our Puls technicians deal with iPhone X repair on a daily basis.

What lies beneath the all-screen display

Looks can take you far, but the iPhone X is more than meets the eye. After all, there must be a reason why despite the hefty $999 price tag it's the best selling smartphone of 2018 to date. In fact, there are several reasons we can think of. The iPhone X is the first smartphone to introduce face recognition capabilities into the Apple lineup. Its battery life is superb, and its camera is consistently considered one of the best any smartphone has to offer. It was rolled out alongside the all new iOS 11 that was built around the Apple A11 bionic chip, one of the strongest processors ever placed in a handset. The combined power of the two allows the iPhone X to lead the pack when it comes to processing speed, which is useful for enjoying detailed graphics, Virtual Reality applications and the like. Bottom line: even though the iPhone X is beautiful in both Spacy Grey and Silver options, this phone is much more than just looks.

Puls can help with your iPhone X repair

Our certified Puls technicians revive many phones on a daily basis, and are very well acquainted with the procedure of replacing an iPhone X screen or replacing the iPhone X back panel. If your phone has suffered a fall and you ended up with a cracked iPhone X screen, Puls can provide you with an iPhone X screen replacement service near you. Our experienced technicians are available, and will meet you at a time and place that is convenient for your iPhone X repair.

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