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Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener is perhaps the most important part of any garage door system. When you arrive home at the end of the day, you want to simply click a button and see your garage door begin to open. If it doesn’t, you’re going to be very frustrated.

Believe it or not, the garage door opener is a very complicated mechanism, with many working parts involved. Read on to discover a bit more insight as to how it works, the parts involved, and what you can do when yours won’t seem to work.

Garage Door Remote Opener

The garage door remote is the simplest part of the garage door mechanism. It is battery operated, and automatically opens your garage door at the press of a button. People often keep the remote in their vehicle so they can easily open the garage door when they arrive home.

If your remote opener is not working, the first thing to do is try any other method to activate the garage door. If you can open it with a backup remote or with the keypad, then the problem must lie with your remote. In that case, you should try replacing the remote batteries.

Garage Door Keypad Opener

Most garage door openers are installed with a keypad that is either located on the wall of the garage or in the driveway, so it is accessible to cars as they arrive. Some keypads come with a “Lock” feature, which prevents the garage door from being opened. If your opener is not working, check to make sure the “Lock” button was not pressed by mistake.

Garage Door Drive Mechanism

The drive mechanism is what actually pulls the garage door up and down. It connects the power grid to the door and facilitates the vertical movement in each direction. There are two main types: a drive belt or a drive chain. The drive belt will usually be a lot quieter and can also be a lot more expensive. If you hear loud noises coming from your garage door opener mechanism, it’s possible that the chain or belt has been damaged or displaced. Occasionally, the chain or belt can break or become worn down over time. If that is the case, you should get help from a professional to repair your garage door as soon as possible.

Garage Door Motor and Housing

The motor is what provides the power to raise and lower your garage door. It’s usually contained in a metal or plastic housing that protects it from the elements. If you need to troubleshoot any problems with the motor, you will first have to open the housing so you can access the motor and gears inside. For these types of repairs, it’s best to hire a professional to diagnose and repair the problem quickly.

Garage Door Sensors

For safety reasons, almost every garage door opener comes with sensors that are installed on each side of the garage door. If those sensors are blocked for any reason, the door will not open or close automatically. If a person is standing in the path of the door, the sensors could prevent a potential injury. However, in some cases, the sensors can malfunction, which prevents the door from working as intended. In that case, you should clean the surface of the sensors or hire a professional to diagnose the problem right away.

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