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Washing machine repair Boston

We all know that you rely on your washing machine a lot, so when it breaks down it can be a huge blow to your routine. No one wants a pile of dirty clothes sitting around, especially if your building doesn’t have a laundry room.

There are many things that can go wrong with a washing machine, and our expert technicians at Puls can resolve them all in no time. Some of the most common washing machine issues we see often include the following:

  • Washing machine not cleaning 
  • Washing machine overflowing 
  • Washing machine won’t start 
  • Washing machine has no hot water

If you’re dealing with one of these issues or another washing machine problem, book an appointment with Puls right away.

We are standing by, ready to diagnose and fix your washing machine within a few days (or even on the same day as you book the appointment). We service washing machines throughout the Boston metro area, from Cambridge, to Back Bay, to the South Side, to Hampton Falls, and everywhere in between. Book an appointment with us today to get started, and your washing machine could be fixed by as soon as tonight.

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