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Appliance Repair Services in Raleigh-Durham, NC

Puls sets a high standard for appliance repair in Raleigh-Durham, NC. We fix all appliance technical problems.

We can assure 100% satisfaction because we ensure that only the best professional technicians repair the appliance of our clients. You will not only get quality but reliable customer service.

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Supported Appliances

We support all major appliances such as: refrigerators, ovens, washers and more

Supported Brands

We support all major brands of appliances:

About Puls appliance repair in Raleigh-Durham, NC

Regardless of what your appliance fault is, Puls's mantra is quality service always. We provide expert advice on troubleshooting and maintenance to help you focus on what matters the most.

Your appliance is expected to last at least eight to 15 years. If it's not up to that age, but it is already troubling you with several issues, a repair might be your way out. Besides, getting a new appliance is a huge cost. Thus, it is cheaper to repair than to buy a brand-new appliance. However, you must be careful only to use the best appliance repair service. Our professional technicians can easily identify the source of the issue and let you know if your appliance is worth fixing.

If you need a professional to fix your appliance, schedule an appointment to get our expertise in your home today.

Schedule an appointment for a same or next-day repair service.

Clients reviews from Raleigh-Durham, NC

My technician went above and beyond to ensure my washing machine was operating properly. He was early, professional and very knowledgable. Thanks for the excellent service!

Laura R.

Services offered by Puls in Raleigh-Durham, NC

We repair the following appliances in Raleigh-Durham, NC

Dishwasher repair

Get professional care and bring your dishwasher back to new. Book a same or next-day appointment with zero hidden charges.

Book a Dishwasher repair

Washer repair

A broken washer can jeopardize your entire routine. We understand how it feels; this is why we made our service easily reachable. You can get the best men to troubleshoot your washer and get you back on track in one click.

Book a Washer repair

Dryer repair

Is your dryer no longer producing enough heat to dry your clothes, or is it making a lot of noise that is difficult to use? Regardless of the problem, our professional technicians are experts in diagnosing the problem and recommending the best solutions.

Book a Dryer repair

Oven repair

Your dinner dont have to suffer because of a simple fault. You can easily use the service of our technicians and get your oven or stove back to normal on the same day.

Book a Oven repair

Refrigerator repair

Have you noticed some strange noise or malfunction in how your refrigerator works? With Puls's one-click booking, you can get the best appliance technicians, and no food will waste.

Book a Refrigerator repair

Cooktop repair

Is your burner heating slowly, or won't even light at all? Book a same or next day appointment with Puls to experience the best appliance repair in Raleigh-Durham, NC.

Book a Cooktop repair

Freezer repair

Your freezer is one of those life conveniences you don't know you need until it is no more. If your freezer is faulty, don’t wait till all your food is wasted. Hire the best home appliance repair service in Raleigh-Durham.

Book a Freezer repair

Microwave repair

Regardless of the fault, from broken microwave doors, control board and microwave light, our technicians are committed to making them work fine.

Book a Microwave repair

Washer dryer combo repair

Save cost and time with our dryer and washer combo repair service. Book a same or next-day appointment at zero hidden charges.

Book a Washer dryer combo repair

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FAQ about appliance repair in Raleigh-Durham, NC

We are your go-to experts for all your home appliance needs.

How do Appliance Repair services with Puls work?

The first step is to visit our website and schedule an appointment with our local technicians . Tell us about your broken appliances as best as you can. Then we will come as fast you want to diagnose the problem and get it fixed as fast as possible.

What is the average cost for Appliance Repair services in Raleigh Durham, NC?

The cost of appliance repair services in Raleigh-Durham, NC depends on the faulty appliance and whether we have to replace broken parts. Our local technician will make a thorough inspection and provide a repair plan. If you choose to go ahead, you will get the diagnosis at no cost. Otherwise, you will have to pay $89 for the inspection fee.

What is the average time that takes for an appliance repair technician to arrive in Raleigh Durham, NC?

On average, we get to our customers in El Paso on the same day. Our local technicians are available in the different areas in Raleigh-Durham, NC.

Does your Appliance Repair service in Raleigh Durham, NC come with a guarantee?

Yes, it comes with a ninety-day guarantee. This allows our customer to enjoy peace of mind on appliance repair and protect them from recurring repair costs.

How do I know if Puls can repair a specific brand of the appliance in Raleigh Durham, NC?

We can efficiently handle repairs from popular brands including Maytag, Bosch, Miele, Samsung, LG, KitchenAid, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Thermador, and Kenmore. You can contact us for more information concerning the brand of your appliance.

Puls service area in Raleigh-Durham, NC

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8:00 am - 09:00 pm

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