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Appliance Repair Services in Oklahoma City, OK

Hire the best appliance repairers in Oklahoma City to get your devices in the best conditions.

Getting it fixed the right way is everything Puls stands for. We are the best appliance repair service with a priority to make quality repairs, all possible in one day.

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Supported Appliances

We support all major appliances such as: refrigerators, ovens, washers and more

Supported Brands

We support all major brands of appliances:

About Puls appliance repair in Oklahoma City, OK

Not a day passes that you do not depend on your home appliance to get work done, from cooking your meals to washing or drying your clothes. Most of your home activities depend on these appliances. Imagine a day with one or two of them suddenly developing a fault; you will agree that you may spend the entire day miserable. That is exactly why you need the best appliance repair services that will be at your doorstep in minutes.

Do you need help fixing your appliance at home? Book an appointment with Puls technicians. Our technicians are well-vetted and always ready to solve any problem you may have with your appliance.

Schedule an appointment for a same or next-day repair service.

Clients reviews from Oklahoma City, OK

My technician went above and beyond to ensure my washing machine was operating properly. He was early, professional and very knowledgable. Thanks for the excellent service!

Laura R.

Services offered by Puls in Oklahoma City, OK

We repair the following appliances in Oklahoma City, OK

Dishwasher repair

You don't want to imagine a world where your dishwasher is faulty. Make better use of your time, and let our local technicians give you a quick fix rather than spend valuable time washing the dishes with your hands.

Book a Dishwasher repair

Washer repair

Resist the urge to say halt to laundry in your home because of some simple fault with your washer. Contact Puls to deliver quality repair service at great prices with no zero hidden charges.

Book a Washer repair

Dryer repair

Are you beginning to get some funny noise from your dryer, or do you realize it doesn't get as hot as it used to? Then it is time to seek the expertise of our technicians. We will give you excellent service at zero hidden charges.

Book a Dryer repair

Oven repair

One of the most important appliances in any home is the oven or stove. A little fault means you won't be eating any real food until further notice. Don't let this be your tale to tell; get a quick and efficient fix for your stove or oven.

Book a Oven repair

Refrigerator repair

Have you found out your refrigerator is leaking, or it is not as cold as it used to be? If you have problems with your refrigerator, don’t tolerate it further. Book an appointment for a same-day repair service.

Book a Refrigerator repair

Cooktop repair

Are you having issues with your cooktop? Then it is the right time to reach Puls to experience the best appliance repair in Oklahoma City.

Book a Cooktop repair

Freezer repair

You don’t want to go ahead living with a faulty freezer. If you choose that, say goodbye to well-preserved food products. If you care about the quality of your food, then you should hire our technicians and get your freezer repaired the same day.

Book a Freezer repair

Microwave repair

No need to look for alternative ways to heat your food when you can reach out to our local technicians in minutes to repair your microwave on the same day.

Book a Microwave repair

Washer dryer combo repair

If you have your dryer and washer get faulty simultaneously, you can already imagine the chaos in your home. Puls can save you from those troubles; schedule an appointment with a local technician for a same-day repair.

Book a Washer dryer combo repair

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FAQ about appliance repair in Oklahoma City, OK

Get your home appliances to work right. Trust us with your appliances today.

How do Appliance Repair services with Puls work?

All you have to do to access our appliance repair in Oklahoma City, OK is to visit our website and schedule an appointment. We will assign a local technician who can get to you as fast as today.

What is the average cost for Appliance Repair services in Oklahoma City, OK?

The cost of appliance repair in Oklahoma City, OK depends on the technician's diagnosis.. Our local technician will perform a thorough diagnosis and provide a repair plan. Customers that choose to go with our repair plan get a free diagnosis. If you decline, you will have to pay $89 for the inspection fee.

What is the average time that takes for an appliance repair technician to arrive in Oklahoma City, OK?

In most cases, we get to our clients on the same day. Our technicians are available in all areas in Newark. Puls aims to complete all repairs in 48 hours at most.

Does your Appliance Repair service in Oklahoma City, OK come with a guarantee?

Yes, our appliance repair service in Oklahoma City, OK come with a ninety-day guarantee. This allows you to enjoy peace of mind after using our service.

How do I know if Puls can repair a specific brand of the appliance in Oklahoma City, OK?

We can repair appliances from major brands including Maytag, Bosch, Miele, Samsung, LG, KitchenAid, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Thermador, and Kenmore. If you have more questions on a specific brand, you can contact us for more information.

Puls service area in Oklahoma City, OK

Puls Oklahoma City
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(405) 554-0009
Monday - Sunday
8:00 am - 09:00 pm

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