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Appliance repair services in Maspeth, NY

Appliance Repair Services in Maspeth, NY

For whenever you need, we've got highly skilled, local and reliable technicians who'll provide excellent service every time.

For all types of home care issues and repair needs, Puls offers a fast response, reliable and well-vetted technicians every time. So the next time you need a home repair, book Puls.

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About Puls appliance repair in Maspeth, NY

So far in 2023, we have fixed 664 devices in Maspeth, NY. The 5 most common devices we fixed were:
  • Refrigerator: 199 done. The most common issue for Refrigerator is Noisy, followed by Ice maker not working. The average repair price for repair starts from $94.
  • Washer: 166 done. The most common issue for Washer is Leaking, followed by Leaking water. The average repair price for repair starts from $95.
  • Dryer: 133 done. The most common issue for Dryer is Dyer overheats, followed by Runs but never heats up. The average repair price for repair starts from $93.
  • Dishwasher: 100 done. The most common issue for Dishwasher is Overflows with water, followed by Door doesn't close. The average repair price for repair starts from $90.
  • Oven: 66 done. The most common issue for Oven is Interior light is out, followed by Range burner won't heat. The average repair price for repair starts from $89.

At Maspeth, NY we have 15 active technicians with average rating of 4.8

Clients reviews from Maspeth, NY

Patrick from Maspeth wrote:

"He installed it fast and safely and was a very kind person and was very professional "

Patrick S.

Puls appliance repair technicians in Maspeth, NY

For everyone who wants great home repair service in Maspeth, NY
Aaron Banks

386 Reviews

576 Jobs Completed





I'm a skilled hard-working professional who has vast knowledge and experience that you can trust.

Last Job Completed:

  • Device: Refrigerator
  • Brand: Fisher-Paykel
  • Issue: Ice maker not working
  • Description: connecting new ice maker
  • Date: 02/01/2023

Last Reviews:

"Because they do the job quit and fast and the price is fair not high at all", Lori C.

Work Showcase:

Johnny Mckinley

330 Reviews

643 Jobs Completed





I'm a appliance repair technician highly responsible, and reliable.

Last Job Completed:

  • Device: Washer
  • Brand: Electrolux
  • Issue: Leaking
  • Description: Washer is leaking water from underneath onto the floor and also into the storage compartment below.
  • Date: 01/30/2023

Last Reviews:

"You are very reliable The person you recommended came on time and did a great job. ", Ruth S.

Work Showcase:

Freddie Merriman

359 Reviews

613 Jobs Completed





I'm a genuine Jack of All Trades " and Master of Some!🙂 I have many years in all phases and many craft trades in design and engineering, building, maintenance, and repair of "Anything and Everything"

Last Job Completed:

  • Device: Dishwasher
  • Brand: Bosch
  • Issue: Not draining
  • Description: I tries cleaning the filter. Still won't drain.
  • Date: 02/01/2023

Last Reviews:

"Quick and efficient, saved me time that I would’ve otherwise had to waste ", Tania B.

Work Showcase:

Dogan Rock

283 Reviews

797 Jobs Completed





appliance repair technician with 8+ years of experience. Comfortable working with electrical circuits 120 or 240. Professional demeanor and positive attitude

Last Job Completed:

  • Device: Refrigerator
  • Brand: Maytag
  • Issue: Not cooling
  • Description: Freezer and fridge not cooling. Started with the freezer and then the fridge
  • Date: 01/31/2023

Last Reviews:

"Super easy to use and high quality work product. ", Alex S.

Work Showcase:

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General Electric, Refrigerator repair in Maspeth, NY New

Stopped cooling. Think compressor motor went bad.
Dogan R.
3 hours
LG, Dishwasher repair in Maspeth, NY

Put in dish soap by accident and now it’s stuck and won’t rub
Freddie M.
2 hours
LG, Washer repair in Maspeth, NY

Filled with water, not draining
Abed A.
1 hour
LG, Washer repair in Maspeth, NY

The washing machine seems to leak after every other wash or so, and more recently flooded entirely.
Brandon M.
2 hours

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